Experience MissionX:

The Ultimate VR Laser Tag Adventure

Welcome to MissionX, the cutting-edge multiplayer FPS VR game that transforms any play area into an exhilarating shared-space, free-roaming VR arena. At OdysseyVR, our 9m by 12m VR arena provides an immersive 800 sq ft laser tag experience like no other. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a fun and active gaming session with friends and family, host a dynamic event in your warehouse or office lobby, or compete in VR eSports tournaments, MissionX offers an unparalleled adventure. Book your MissionX experience onsite at OdysseyVR or have us bring the excitement to your venue. Get ready to dive into a world of excitement and competition with MissionX VR Laser Tag!

Multiple Maps Available

Your fun will never end with MissionX, the most highly engaging and competitive arena scale free-roaming Virtual Reality FPS game title. Explore our variety of Virtual Reality gaming environments as a soldier; and with your teammates, combat against the other teams in a number of different game modes.

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