Unforgettable Parties - Affordable Thrills from Just £60

Set off on a thrilling journey with OdysseyVR’s Parties, where unparalleled fun beckons! Perfect for birthdays, memorable celebrations, or just unforgettable moments with friends and family. Plunge into the exceptional – each party is transformed into a unique, exhilarating experience! Explore diverse VR worlds, engage in interactive gameplay, and enjoy immersive adventures. OdysseyVR brings your celebrations to life, offering a spectacular blend of entertainment and wonder, ensuring every gathering is not just a party, but an epic adventure in virtual reality.

Why Choose VR Parties?

VR, A New Dimension of Parties

At OdysseyVR, dive into a world of unforgettable party entertainment with our advanced VR technology that makes every occasion—from birthdays and corporate events to family gatherings—a spectacular adventure. Perfect for all ages and group sizes, our immersive experiences promise laughter and bonding, with expert staff ensuring accessibility for all. Opt for OdysseyVR’s safe and inclusive environment, featuring sanitized equipment and suitable games, for a worry-free and memorable VR adventure.

Party Packages for All at OdysseyVR

At OdysseyVR, our VR party packages cater to all, from standard selections to bespoke celebrations. Enhance your event with additional VR playtime, private areas, custom favours, and a wide catering selection, ensuring your special occasion is elevated into an unforgettable, immersive virtual adventure for intimate family events or large, extravagant celebrations. Each detail is finely tuned for the ultimate guest experience.

What does it cost...?

At OdysseyVR, select from an array of three meticulously designed party packages, each crafted to align perfectly with your specific requirements and financial considerations. Whether you’re planning a simple, budget-friendly affair or an opulent, all-out VR spectacular, our packages are adaptable to fit the unique character of your event. We present an assortment of customisable features, allowing you the freedom to tailor every aspect of your celebration. You can opt for additional VR time, giving your guests more moments of immersive fun, choose from a variety of themed decorations to set the perfect mood, and pick from our wide-ranging catering options to suit every palate.

We always suggest calling direct to avoid paying expensive online booking fees

The Bronze Package is perfect for small, midweek gatherings, offering six guests a personal VR headset and 30 minutes in the VR arena. Available Monday to Friday, this affordable option is priced at just £60, equating to £10 per person.

Our Silver Package at OdysseyVR features exclusive venue hire, ideal for weekday events. Accommodating 10 to 15 guests with two VR arenas for an hour of play at £160, it’s a premium experience at just £16 per person.

The Gold Package offers a weekend VR Party at OdysseyVR for 10 to 20 guests +. Including two VR arenas for 1 hour, it’s priced at £190, costing £19 per person for a deluxe weekend adventure.

Enhance your OdysseyVR party with Optional Extras: add guests for £10, hire party space from £45, extend VR time, and enjoy pizza, drinks, custom cakes, and party bags for a tailored celebration.

We always suggest calling direct to avoid paying expensive online booking fees

Check out our VR Adventures

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Check out our VR Adventures

OdysseyVR is proud to partner with HeroZone, a premier provider of VR software hailing from Belgium. HeroZone’s innovative virtual reality solutions power our VR party experiences, allowing guests to embark on incredible adventures. Explore their vast array of immersive VR games and cutting-edge technology by visiting the HeroZone website here.