Odyssey VR

Experience VR Together Like Never Before

Welcome to OdysseyVR, the premier VR Gaming Centre where multiplayer virtual reality meets fun and excitement. Ideal for parties, team-building, and immersive gaming experiences

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Odyssey VR

Unveil a world of extraordinary Adventures with Odyssey VR.

Embark on Extraordinary Adventures at OdysseyVR: A World Where Imagination Meets Reality! Our diverse range of VR experiences caters to all ages and interests, making every visit a unique adventure. From thrilling escapades to mystical explorations, each session is a new journey. Our expert team curates only the best in virtual reality, ensuring that every moment at OdysseyVR is filled with wonder and excitement.


Discover an ever-expanding collection of exhilarating, interactive, and action-packed VR experiences at OdysseyVR. Perfect for the entire family, with recommended ages 7 and up. Dive into a variety of virtual worlds, from thrilling adventures to captivating puzzles, ensuring endless fun for every kind of explorer.


Your safety is paramount at OdysseyVR. Our top-of-the-line VR equipment is meticulously sanitized and checked for safety. Trained staff closely supervise all activities, providing assistance and ensuring a secure environment. We adhere to comprehensive safety protocols, especially for our younger guests, to guarantee a worry-free and enjoyable VR experience.


Our VR adventures are incredibly easy, requiring a maximum of just two simple buttons to control your hands in the virtual world. the rest is down to your natural everyday¬† movements. It’s designed for accessibility, ensuring that even VR newcomers can effortlessly navigate and enjoy the experience.


Who is it for?

Everyone can enjoy what we offer, young, old, kids, families, groups. no matter your age or the occasion. It truly is for everyone.

Whats on Offer?

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MissionX VR
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How to find us

Odyssey VR is based on the ground floor of the Corby Business Centre, with over 1500 Square feet of open space.

The venue benefits from ample FREE parking right outside the building.


01536 645549

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